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Help for online viewing

We are on Zoom and Facebook Live every Sunday (barring unforseen technical issues) and certain other celebrations.

We have a YouTube Channel devoted to showing typical services from St Bartholomew’s Church. Some videos of services will be posted there, in addition to being broadcast live on Facebook and Zoom. The videos will not be live but added later in the day.
YouTube Link
It also means that you can watch the service on your large screen TV and not be limited to sitting in front of a computer or smartphone.

How to Find It On Your Smart TV

Select YouTube on your home screen.
Search for “St Bartholomew’s Episcopal Church, Richmond, VA”.
You should then see a link to our channel which will be a picture of the St Bartholomew’s Sign on Patterson Avenue.
Select this link which will take you to a list of videos from St Bart’s.
Select the video you want to watch.

Additional Information for Sunday services
For most of our services, the texts are available in the 1979 Book of Common Prayer. If you have a copy at home you can use it to follow along. For those who don’t have a copy, you can access it on-line at LINK or download individual sections of it at LINK. To look up any Bible passage you can use the Oremus Bible Browser, LINK. At that site you can enter the reference, choose your preferred version and it is easy to use. To find readings for a particular Sunday, you can use LINK. Here you will find links to any Sunday readings (We are currently in Year A), and a wide range of Art and Prayer resources linked to each Sunday’s readings.