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A brief list of high points in our years of life together

St Barts Richmond VA

Our clergy:

  • 8/20/1961 - 6/1968      The Rev. Alwin Reiners, Jr., Vicar
  • 9/1968 - 6/1976           The Rev. Hugh A. Whitesell, Vicar
  • 4/1977 - 2/2002           The Rev. Malcolm E. Turnbull, Vicar then Rector 1/1986
  • 3/2002 - 12/2003         The Rev. Mario Gonzalez del Solar, Interim Rector
  • 1/2004 - 5/2011           The Rev. Haywood B. Spangler, Ph D, Rector
  • 7/2005 - 1/2010           The Rev. Barbara "Bambi" Willis, Assistant Rector
  • 8/2011 - 6/2012           The Rev. R. Bruce Birdsey, Interim Rector
  • 6/2012 - 6/2020          The Rev. Andrew "Andy" Dunks, Rector
  • 9/2020 - present          The Rev. J. Hugh A. James, Interim Rector

Important dates in our history:.

12/19/1960                           The Diocese of Virginia decides to establish a mission in Richmond's West End
08/20/1961 The first worship service is held at our original location on Three Chopt Road
06/09/1968 The last worship service of Al Reiners, our first priest and Vicar
09/1968 Hugh Whitesell becomes our second Vicar
05/23/1971 The last service at the original location. St. Bart's holds worship services at Maybeury Elementary School while a new building is constructed at the current site on Patterson Avenue
09/10/1972 Penny Cadaret is the first child baptized on the concrete slab of the new building, then under construction
04/01/1973 The first worship service is held in the newly completed church building
06/27/1976 The last worship service of Hugh Whitesell, our second Vicar
04/03/1977 The first service of Malcolm Turnbull, our third priest and Vicar
12/28/1981   The building is heavily damaged by fire of unknown origin. Worship services are held during reconstruction at Derbyshire Baptist Church
12/19/1982 The first worship service is held in the newly rebuilt church building
12/26/1982 Melanie Oglesby (Soscia) is the first child baptized in the newly rebuilt building
01/1986 St. Bart's becomes a self-supporting parish. Malcolm Turnbull is elected first Rector and St. Bart's establishes a tradition of new parishes giving a monetary gift at Annual Council to the Diocese for church planting
 02/10/2002  Malcolm Turnbull's last service as Rector when he retires on the day before his 65th birthday. He is elected Rector Emeritus
 01/01/2004-05/29/2011  Haywood Spangler's first and last service as Rector
06/17/2012-6/28/20  Andrew A. "Andy" Dunks' first and last service as Rector