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Collection for LAMBs Basket Food Pantry 2/25


Outreach - LAMB's Basket Collection
Next collection date: February 25
We will be accepting donations for the Lamb's Basket Food Pantry at any Sunday service. You may drop items during the week (from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm) into the donation basket inside the front door or bring them on Sunday to church.
For February's collection, the pantry especially is low on canned fruit, carrots, potatoes, jelly, SpaghettiOs, pasta, pasta sauce, and instant mashed potatoes, but they welcome all donations of canned or packaged food.
January 2024we delivered 314 lbs of packaged food and fresh eggs to LAMB's Basket Food Pantry.
In 2023, we distributed over 3,500 pounds of non-perishable food as well as fresh eggs, quarts of Brunswick stew and cash for fresh turkeys. In addition, at our annual Brunswick Stew sale in November, people contributed over 150 quarts of our famous stew which will be delivered throughout the year as they have space to store it.
December 2023 - We delivered 326 pounds of canned and packaged food and eggs. And Cindy delivered 132 pounds of stew for a total of 458 pounds. The customers ask for  the stew!
November 2023 - We delivered 292 lbs of eggs and non-perishable food to Lamb's Basket Food Pantry on Nov. 21. Considering that cereal (which is lighter) was a requested item this month that represents a lot of food.
October 2023We delivered 294 pounds of food and eggs and $100 in cash for turkeys to Lamb's Basket.
September 2023We delivered 387.5 lbs of eggs and food to Lamb's Basket this month! 
August 2023We delivered 294 lbs of food and eggs to Lamb's Basket Tuesday morning .
July 2023 - This month we delivered 260 lbs of eggs and canned and packaged food to Lamb's Basket . 

June 2023 - This month Cindy Reynolds delivered 80 dozen eggs and food for a combined total of 198 pounds.

May 2023 - Cindy, Ron, and Wesley Ann delivered 347 Lbs of food, including  50 qts of stew and 50 doz eggs (all Lydl had available.)


April 2023 - We delivered 237 lbs of food including 60 doz eggs to Lamb's Basket today. 
March 2023 - We  delivered 300 lbs of food and eggs today to Lamb's Basket. 

February 2023 - We delivered 193 pounds of food including 60 doz. eggs to Lamb's Basket.

January 2023 - We delivered 293 lbs of food today including 60 doz eggs! Eggs are at a premium right now, so that was an incredibly generous gift.


During the year 2022, we delivered 2,613 pounds of food to LAMB's Basket! Included in this were large contributions of fresh eggs monthly and many quarts of Brunswick stew donated at several times, which were purchased by various members as donations. 

December 2022 - We delivered 367 lbs of food to Lamb's Basket today including 20 qts of stew and 60 dz eggs.

November 2022 - We delivered 283 pounds of eggs, stew and canned goods.

October 2022 - We delivered 210 lbs of canned/packaged goods and fresh eggs.

September 2022 - We delivered 195 lbs of canned/packaged goods and eggs.

August 2022 - We delivered 329 lbs of food, eggs, and stew today. They were very happy with the donation as they were low on food.

July 2022 - We delivered 366 pounds of food including eggs! That's a record for us!!

June 2022 - We delivered 134 pounds of food including 60 dozen eggs.

May 2022 -  We delivered 188 lbs of food including eggs.

April 2022 - We delivered 30 doz eggs to Lamb's Basket for Easter and will deliver other collected items  when we deliver food donations from our collection on the 24th.

March 2022 -- We delivered 184 pounds of food and eggs! The lady who received our donation said they were out of eggs and pasta sauce.

February 2022 -- Thanks to everyone who donated food this month. We were able to deliver 272 pounds of food (including 60 doz. eggs and 70 qts. of stew). They were thrilled.
January 2022 -- we delivered 85 pounds of eggs and food this month!
December 2021 -- we delivered 127 pounds of canned food including 60 dozen fresh eggs, in time for Christmas meals.
Fall 2021 -- We delivered 136 pounds of canned food including 60 dozen fresh eggs!
August 2021 -- we collected back to school supplies.
July 2021 -- Thank you to everyone who contributed to the Lamb’s Basket Food Pantry. We delivered 39 pounds of canned and packaged food and 60 doz. eggs.

June 2021 -- Thank you to everyone who contributed to the Lamb’s Basket Food Pantry in June. St. Bart’s donated 69 lbs. of canned and packaged food and 60 doz. eggs in June!
April 2021 -- Thanks to everyone who brought food for the Lamb's Basket Food Pantry. We delivered 231 lbs. of food including 60 dozen eggs. Great job. This will help them in making food available to a lot of families. We will announce it again next month and hopefully we can collect as much or more.
March 2021 -- We have just learned we are again able to make donations to the Lamb's Basket Food Pantry. We would like to start collecting items one Sunday a month and would like to start on Palm Sunday. We will place a container outside of the door and maybe as you stop by to pick up your palms you are able to drop off items. There are a lot of needs out there at the moment and it would be great for St. Bart's to again help others through this program.
They accept any canned or packaged food.


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