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October 14, 2022

Sisters and Brothers,

 I invite you to join me on Sunday, October 16th at 5:00 p.m. for a Service of Healing Prayer which will be held in the Nave. This time of worship will happen on a bi-weekly basis.

 Occasions of worship take on many different meanings and foci. We are most accustomed to what we experience on Sunday mornings be that the Holy Eucharist or Morning Prayer. This time of worship will focus on the needs of those who have entrusted themselves to our care through our individual and communal prayer life. We will gather before God, pray for the needs of the world, hear Scripture, and pray for each individual on our prayer list and their needs. Worshiping with such intention comes to us through our Jewish forebears and the early church.

 Prayer takes various forms. We are most accustomed to the liturgical prayer that we experience on Sunday mornings. We will be engaged in liturgical prayer, and we will engage in a type of communal contemplative Prayer. That contemplative prayer will express our love and concern for those who ask for our prayers and reflect upon God’s healing work in their and our lives.

 Worship and prayer change the world, most powerfully, because they change those who participate in them. In a world that is noisy and busy, full of demands on our attention and loyalty, full of consumption and complaint, worship and prayer are truly radical acts. Worship and prayer put us before God in an open and intentional way that expects God to intercede in our lives to transform us more and more into vehicles of God’s love and grace.

 I hope you will join me