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March 2, 2022

March 2, 2022
Sisters and Brothers,
And so Lent begins – a third Lent living with Covid-19. It seems clear that, during this Lent or Eastertide, many of our protocols will be eased, and that we will emerge from what has been a very difficult time. It seems oddly fitting to me that we would emerge from the pandemic during the very season into which we entered it two years ago. We have fasted from many of our worshipping practices, from fellowship and in-person formation. I hope that we will spend time together reflecting on and lamenting what has been lost and discerning just what this fast has taught us about our life together. To “Just go back to normal” would be poor stewardship of this time and its lessons about what is truly essential and what we had started to take for granted. Discernment – personal and communal – cannot simply be an ad hoc process done by some strategic planning committee. Rather, discernment is the work of heart and mind, spirit and soul that constantly urges us to participate in God’s continuing work of creating and redeeming. True discernment is the work of each of us and all of us.
With that in mind, I encourage you to join us at Compline at 8:00 p.m. each evening Monday through Friday on our Zoom link for worship. Compline is night prayer, and we will follow a form using resources from The Book of Common Prayer and the New Zealand Prayer Book. We will commence with this tomorrow evening, Thursday March 3rd. I also encourage you to join us in reading and discussing Bible Babel: Making Sense of the Most Talked About Book of All Time by Kristen Swenson. It is a smart and accessible read that is intended for laypeople by an academic who loves scripture and the church. The book is available in paperback and all electronic reader applications at all major booksellers. We will meet for those discussions on Wednesday evenings beginning March 9th at 6:30PM on our Zoom link for worship.
Finally, as announced on Sunday, St. Bart’s has received designated pledge to secure an organist to play every other week, alternating with Kim Foxx, our keyboardist. The organist is Chris Tortorice, and he will join us this Sunday, March 6th. I know that you will greet him warmly.
See you in church. Peace,